Thursday, July 20, 2017

Is It Thursday Already?

Waiting for Lindley
This morning started early since we left for the airport at 6:30. Sam and Lindley are flying to Kalispell to meet up with Maribeth, Everley, Emmatha, and PawPaw. Once I got back to the house, I decided that it was time for a nap - whatevs!

I had a massage at noon, which I have decided is a terrible time to go for a massage when the massage place in smack dab in the middle of a bunch of restaurants and everybody needs a parking place. I did manage to find a spot nearby, so I didn't have to add additional stress that needed to be worked out. An hour later I was back outside, headed to my car, feeling a little looser.

The rest of today was spent catching up a bit on this blog, cleaning off my desk, and deciding on what I needed to do next (yet doing none of it). Molly dropped off Taco Bell for dinner (always a bad choice) and then basically I called it a night. Tomorrow I'll make that list. And maybe even do a couple of things on it!
Blessings today include: airport run for Sam and Lindley and their safe travel to Montana; Molly's new haircut and her bringing dinner by; massage by Brandie; catching up on blogs from the past week

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Camp LaLa - Day 3

With Everley already out West, my enrollment decreased by 50%. However, we still managed to have some fun. We decided to go swimming as soon as the pool opened at 10. However, once I got there, I realized that I had forgotten the sunscreen, so we only stayed about an hour. This time I didn't have to stand guard at the chain link fence - I actually got into the pool. I watched the water aerobics class, and swam around a bit and played with Lindley. Oh, and we went in the back entrance and scanned right through - winner!!

After the Y, we went back to the house, cleaned up, and then headed to Moo's office, which is apparently the fun place to be. She had already eaten lunch, so I left Lindley with Moo and headed to Sonic. I brought back drinks and a milkshake (I ate my corn dog on the way) and we hung around Moo's office for a bit. I'm not sure that I understand the draw of her office, but then again, I don't care for (a) trying on her shoes, or (b) drawing with markers on her dry-erase board, or (c) typing gibberish on her computer. So sue me!

Once we had exhausted all those activities, we headed back to the house. Lynnette came over for a bit and left, and then Sam picked Lindley up to go home and pack for their trip. They're spending the night at my house so I can get them to the airport early tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, speaking of the trip, this is a photo of what's going on out there. As you can see, Danger Baby is in her element and has found her spot. Here's hoping she doesn't find the detonator caps ...
Today's blessings include: swimming with Lindley and spending time at Moo's office; watching half of "Beauty and the Beast"; Sam bringing Baha Burrito for dinner

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Camp LaLa - Day 2

Today I went to Everley and Emmatha's house to pick them up because their parents had to get to work early. I was on duty to take Emmatha to school. The plan was that when I got to school, Lynnette and Lindley would meet us there, wait while I checked Emmatha in, and then Lindley would go to my house with Everley and me (my roller skate of a car will only hold 2 car seats in the back).

We got Emmatha handed off, and then spent the rest of the day as follows ...

Breakfast. Because sugar and chocolate are the building blocks of fun?

Park time. To run off all that sugar

LaLa's idea was to run to the top of the hill. Lindley, not LaLa.

Spending time at Moo's office.

And trying on Moo's office shoes.

Lunch with Moo and PawPaw and LaLa. Before a stop at Toys R Us.
There was also a handprint art project and some other random art projects. This evening, Maribeth, Emmatha, Everley, and PawPaw are headed west to Montana to begin the Westward Ho trip. Sam and Lindley will follow on Thursday. We loaded up the van and took the flyers to the airport, and then I took Lindley to her house. Just another fun day at Camp LaLa!!
Today's blessings include: daycare dropoff for Emmatha; donuts, park, Puffy Muffin, Moo's office, and Toys R Us with Lindley and Everley; meeting porch dude with Lynnette; airport dropoff and Lindley's nap on the way home; safe travel to Montana for Maribeth, Everley, Emmatha, and Steve

Monday, July 17, 2017

Camp LaLa - Day 1

Lindley and Everley aren't going to camps this week, because they will be going out west with some of their parents and PawPaw (I opted out of this trip). So they will be staying with me until their departure days. Since Emmatha pays for daycare by the month, she will attend school as usual - Camp LaLa has an age restriction.

Lindley had a dentist appointment this morning, so she didn't come until later. Maribeth dropped Everley off on her way to take Emmatha (who was not pleased when she saw Everley get out of the car while she stayed in). Once we all were here, we decided to go swim at the Y. Of course, halfway there, I realized that I had left the towels on the couch at the house. No matter, since the Y we were headed to has decent towels at the front desk.

Once we arrived at the Y, I got Lindley's Y card number to add to my mobile Y app. Now I know this information may seem mundane to you, but it is very important when she (or Everley before I added her Y number) is with me for swimming, and I have to yell at the old dude at the back entrance for him to look up Lindley's name (imagine me yelling, "LINDLEY. L-I-N-D-L-E-Y. NO. N-D-L-E-Y. LINDLEY - and then repeat the same thing with Everley). With their numbers on my app, there is only scanning involved, and no actual saying/looking up/screaming spelling of names.

Anyhow, we get that business complete, grab some towels, and head to the pool. There we drag some lounge chairs into the shade (Lala does not like sun) and then head to the pool. There are two pools - the kiddie pool and the big pool. Lindley has passed her swim test and is fine with the big pool. While Everley can swim, she has not passed her swim test and is a bit unsure about the big pool unless she has on a swim vest. Of course each girl wants to stay in a separate pool. So LaLa stood by the chain link fence between the pools to keep an eye on each one. Yes, there are lifeguards, but I must know where they are in case of emergency. Any emergency. Well, any kind of LaLa emergency.

After a couple of breaks, we decided to return home for some mac and cheese and playing before their parents collected them and took them home. There was a moment of drama when I couldn't find my keys, but I had a feeling I had left them at the desk when I was getting the Y numbers. And sure enough, my keys were right where I left them! Not bad for a Monday!

Today's blessings include: fun times at the pool; Lindley's good dentist visit; pizza and ice cream sandwiches at the pool

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Day After ...

So what's the best thing to do after a great party? Take a day off!!  And that's pretty much what today was about. Many of last nights party-goers were meeting for brunch at the Opryland Hotel (that's where the soon-to-be in-laws were staying). I had tweaked my back in some way, so I opted out - and opted for sitting in a recliner.

KB had cleaned up most of her party things last night and loaded them into her car, so there wasn't really much left to do. As if I would have done anything anyhow. There were still chairs to be moved back and tables to be taken down, but they weren't bothering anyone, so I just left them.

The fun activity was when MaeMae and Lucy returned from the brunch. Tilly was still asleep at brunch time, so she stayed with me. Lynnette and Lindley came over (Everley spent the night). So, while the little girls played, the big girls started their "project."

Lucy had brought her minivan, so that gave me a lot of room to send things back with her (whether she wanted them or not). The first was the Barbie Power Wheels Car. Lindley and Everley had outgrown it, and I wasn't going to wait for Danger Baby to learn to drive it lest she end up on I65. So, that was the first thing we loaded in the van. Yes, it had been kept outside so it wasn't in pristine condition, but Lucy allowed us to put it in her van. Perhaps the Goodwill in Virginia will take it ...

Then it was time for the "big" project. The last time Marilyn was here, she saw a desk upstairs that she asked if I wanted. I told her she could have it. Now, it's not a large desk - but it's not exactly tiny, either. Anyhow, she wanted it and I was certain we could put it in the van beside the Barbie car.

Did I mention the desk was upstairs? And did I mention that Lucy was pregnant? Anyhow, we went upstairs, and the first thing we did was take off the legs. Which made it smaller. And then Marilyn and I proceeded to get it down the stairs. Did I mention I still had a tweak in my back (although at the end of this project it was gone). Anyhow, we decided that if we put the desk on a towel, we could kinda "roll" it down the steps, with us holding on to it. And so we started on the plan. Which would have been a bit easier if Lynnette and Lucy hadn't been laughing at us so hard.

The desk in question is the one pictured to the left. I wanted to make sure you understand the gravity of the situation. No, the desk is not valuable except that it was in the house when Molly got her house, and we liked it. Of course that was 10 years ago, and now it's a red color. And probably had marker markings all over it from small children using it. No matter - Marilyn said she wanted it, and I was happy to pass it along. She seems to think she will refinish it. It really is a good desk. And yes, it would have been smart had we asked some of the men in attendance at the party last night to tote it down the stairs. But I guess that's what happens when you have a good party. Whatevs ...

So, imagine this: two "healthy" old ladies, one in front and one in back, holding on to the top of a desk (which was on a towel) and hanging on to the railing of a very steep stairway, attempting to get down said stairway without breaking a hip. Since I was in back, and have a tendency to fall down stairs in a normal situation, I could only take one step at a time. Marilyn was in front, basically holding the desk from crashing down in front of her. Meanwhile, Lucy and Lynnette were behind us, dying laughing and holding on to the desk legs.

Nevertheless, we got it down without harm to grandmas or desk, and then loaded it out to the minivan along with the legs and the chair. And then we even had enough space to go to Maribeth's house and load up the baby things she had for Lucy. Sure am glad I'm not doing the unloading ...

Anyhow, that was our fun for today. Now to go find the bottle of Tylenol ...
Blessings today include: fun with the little girls; getting the desk down the stairs and it and the car loaded into the van; Steve's safe trip home